Important Dates:

7/15 – Pep Rally at Ulmstead Pool

7/16 – HOME meet vs. Bay Hills

7/23 – HOME meet vs. Mayo

7/27 – BRONZE meet – TBD

7/30 – SILVER meet – TBD

7/31 – GOLD meet – TBD

7/31 – END OF SEASON PARTY!!  Details to follow..


Congratulations to all the swimmers at the Silver meet.   They don’t officially track team points but we tied with Bay Hills for most points at the meet.

The results are attached to this post and included on Team Snap as well.  We had a few swimmers post Gold times which is AMAZING.

Ribbons and medals will be included in family bags at the party as well as improvement ribbons.




Silver Meet 2016 Results_by Swimmer

2016 gasl silver meet results final – 07302016

Ulmstead Swim Team is a proud member of the Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL).