Guess what? Ducks are gonna get wet!

First day of practice is Tuesday, May 29th!  Schedule below: Weekday practices after school:      Time             Age Group 3:30-4:00pm     6 and under 4:00-4:30pm     7-8 4:30-5:15pm     9-10 and 11-12 5:15-6:00pm     13 and older Last day to register to be on the...

Important Dates – mark your calendars now!

Here are IMPORTANT dates coming up in May... mark them on your calendar now! May 8th - Swimsuit pre-sale try on at the Ulmstead Barn, 4pm-6pm May 11th - LAST DAY to order personalized caps  May 18th - LAST DAY to register your swimmers without a late fee May 25th -...

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Practice Schedule & Important Dates:

May 8, 4-6pm at the Barn – pre-sale and try-on of team suits

June 1, 4-6pm a the Pool – team suit sales and pick up for those who preordered

First day of practice is May 29, 2018
3:30-4:00 pm 6 and under
4:00-4:30 pm 7-8 year olds
4:30-5:15 pm 9-10 and 11-12
5:15-6:00 pm  13 and older


Morning practice starts after public schools close.
7:15-8:00 am 9-10 year olds
8:00-8:45 am 7-8 year olds
8:45-9:15 am 6 and under
9:15-10:00 am 11-12 year olds
10:00-10:45 am 13-14 & 15-18 year olds and 9-10 select*

A lane will be dedicated to working teens 15 and older during all of the above practice times.

Ulmstead Swim Team is a proud member of the Greater Annapolis Swim Lyeague (GASL).

674 White Swan Dr, Arnold MD 21012