The end of the school year and sports season is CRAZY!  I know it might be hard for us to wrap our heads around summer swim team… but really, it’s only a couple of weeks away!

Merchandise sales have been less than stellar this year and we will lose the flexibility of offering items past May 22nd.  Our suppliers have extended their dates for sales through May 22nd, but after that – when we finally get into swim team mode and REALLY want that towel, or swim bag, or shirt – we will not be able to get it.

So, please take a moment to look through the items and don’t wait to make your purchase.  This is not an income generator for the team.  Susie works hard with our suppliers to offer a selection of items that are fun and functional for you and your swimmers.  Take a look!  🙂

  1. Go to UST Online Store to purchase your TEAM CLOTHING
  2. Go to Annie&De/Ulmstead Swim Team to purchase your ACCESSORIES