First day of practice is Tuesday, May 29th!  Schedule below:

Weekday practices after school:

     Time             Age Group

3:30-4:00pm     6 and under

4:00-4:30pm     7-8

4:30-5:15pm     9-10 and 11-12

5:15-6:00pm     13 and older

Last day to register to be on the team is Thursday, May 31st!

A couple of things to remember going into this week…

  • GASL rules prohibit us from allowing ANY and EVERY non-insured swimmer to participate in swim team practice.  All swimmers will be required to check in to confirm they are on the insured list.  (You are not likely to be uninsured unless you registered after the 25th) 
  • If you are NEW to the team, please take the time to read the What’s Up Duck Newsletter that has important information on page 8 about what to expect in the first few days.

Go Ducks!!