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Volunteer Assignments

    Assignment Choices

  • Everyone MUST fill out the information below, or you will automatically be placed into any areas of necessity. Your assignments will be based on the availability dates you provide below, so please take a moment to look at your calendar! Additionally, if you withdraw from swim team, it will still be your responsibility to work the meets you are assigned to, or to find a replacement.

    Please indicate which position you would prefer. (All efforts will be made to place families in their preferred positions, but needs may require placement in other areas on occasion). Check out Volunteer Position Descriptions for details.

    Positions marked with an asterisk (*) require training.
  • Positions that require Official GASL Training

  • There are two positions that require GASL training (which will be offered at the beginning of the season), they are Stroke & Turn Judge and Starter. Please refer to the Volunteer Position Descriptions page for more information about these positions. The team is always in need of people willing to train and rotate through these positions so as not to exploit any one, two or three kind souls willing to take these on. Please consider training for one of these positions and we will be sure to have you shadow an experienced person before trying it on your own.
  • Meet Availability (for Assignments only):

  • Please indicate dates you are NOT available to volunteer – keep in mind that it is a requirement of swim team membership to fulfill what equates to one half meet assignment for every swim meet. So you will be expected to work approximately 3 full meet volunteer assignments this season.
  • If your child swims in a Medal Meet, you may also be required to fulfill a position. All efforts will be made to match volunteers with the meet in which your swimmer has qualified.
  • If you know your swimmer will not be swimming a meet/time trials, you must sign him/her out using the Availability tab on TeamSnap.
  • Release (Required)

  • I/We hereby assume the risk of any and all injury and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ulmstead Swim Team, the Greater Annapolis Swim League (including all of its member teams) and their agents, servants, employees, principals or officers of the owners of Greater Annapolis Swim League member pools, for any and all damages and/or injury to my person and or my property arising out of my participation in any Ulmstead Swim Team and or Greater Annapolis Swim League activity. I/We, the parent(s) or guardians of each such participant, hereby join in this release of the purpose of consenting to this release and for the purpose of l any and all rights that the participant, and I/we may have as a result of the damage and/or injury to the child/ward executing this release.
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Payment Page

  • Upon completion of this form, payment (via PayPal) is due in the amount of $120 per Regular Team Member and $200 per Swim Team Only High School Teen Member. Swim Caps are a required part of our uniform. The deadline for ordering personalized caps is 5/10/19, but you can still order the standard Ulmstead swim cap, without personalization after that date. $14 for one personalized cap or multiple caps at $12 each. Unpersonalized team caps are $10 each. You will be directed to Paypal upon submission of this form. If payment has not been completed/received by May 22nd, a $50 late fee per family will be charged. Registrations will only be accepted through June 1st. You are not required to have a PayPal account to use their service. Swimmers will not be able to practice with the team until dues are paid for the season and we have activated insurance for your swimmer.